Steel Wheel Conversions

Adelaide's Best Wheel Repairs

We have been making and modifying Steel Wheels for over 30 years. If you want to change the look, or setup of your steel wheels, we are the industry experts.

Steel wheels are typically too small (or large) for our customers requirements, so we change their existing wheel to suit their needs. This may be an offset change or replacing the outer rims.

Sizes available:...
- 13x7

- 14x6
- 14x7
- 14x8

- 15x4.5
- 15x5
- 15x7
- 15x8
- 15x10
- 15x12
- 15x14

- 16x6
- 16x7
- 16x8
- 16x10
- 16x12

- 17x7
- 17x8
- 17x9

We can also sell the outer rims separately.

No matter the brand or offset change, we can work with most demands to come up with your desired result. Make your old wheels look new again.

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